Hungry Shark World: Tips and cheats

Hungry Shark World is getting the hungry shark world by storm, sitting in the Google Play Shop in the top 3 matches. It explodes on the scene to millions of installs and continues to chomp its way onto mobile.
Then sharpen your teeth on our set of hungry shark world cheats if you are looking to generate your way up the food chain!

Keep on
Our most significant suggestion is to keep on keepin’ on. if you are not one for in-program purchases, then you’ll have to play Hungry Shark World for hours (likely days) before you unlock larger and larger sharks.
Only keep going. Just get back in there at any time you die of starvation and eat some more; it all adds up. Fortunately, you’ve got rather a number of stuff to eat, and you will find a way to eat a growing number of critters as you advance.
Sally forth! Eyes on the prize!
Buy the map
Purchasing the map for the period you are in will allow you to find the letters as well as better quarry in HUNGRY. It is almost always a good thought to understand where you’re.
Get the drop on scuba divers and competitive sea life
It is bad enough that the Life pub depletes only from swimming about; you do not want stabby scuba divers or barracudas helping it drop rapidly.
Get the drop to them by fostering toward them to be able to get them or swimming upwards from behind. This goes for other sharks, scuba divers, bigger crabs, barracudas, and definitely more as you advance.