Top principles of an effective addiction treatment

Scientific research has always demonstrated that treatment helps individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol stop using these substances, avoid total relapse and recover from the disease successfully. Based on years of research, there are many key principles that have emerged which should form the main basis of an effective addiction treatment program. Before offering extended care for young adults, it is first important to remember that addiction is a complex chronic disease that usually affects behavior and brain function. But this disease is treatable. One important treatment principle to understand is that no single addiction treatment is effective for everyone.
Secondly, for treatment to be effective, this necessitates that the treatment should be readily available. All rehab programs for young adults must follow the principle that effective addiction treatment must attend to various needs of the patient, and not just the patient’s drug or alcohol use. Perhaps one of the most important principles of addiction treatment is that a patient must remain in treatment for enough period of time. When the treatment period is adequate, this enables the treatment provider to monitor the patient. The patient’s health, attitude and relapses can be monitored easily when offered adequate treatment.
Another principle of effective addiction treatment is counseling. Counseling can be done on an individual or group level or a combination of both. Counseling is important in offering behavioral therapy among other forms of therapies as part of drug and alcohol abuse treatment. Research also shows that medications play an important role in treating addiction. However, it is recommended that in addition to using medications, alcohol rehab Austin should combine medications with behavioral therapies and counseling. Although an individual must be willing to get treatment, research shows that treatment can still be effective even though it is not voluntary. Finally, drug and alcohol use throughout the treatment period must be monitored frequently. This is important because lapses do occur during treatment.